Improper folder permissions can cause Polar Help Desk 5 to hang up.

Due to how Microsoft .NET and IIS handle threading, there is an issue that may cause your installation of Polar Help Desk 5 to hang up. The culprit is the Anonymous User for IIS. If this user is different from Application Pool user, and does not have full permissions for the “instances” folder, it may cause Help Desk to stop responding. This happens because after initial web application thread is created under Application Pool user, subsequent threads will be created under Anonymous User.
Latest setup will do this for you, but in case you still run into this issue, here is what to do:
  1. Check what Application Pool your installation of Help Desk is using and then check what user this Application Pool is running under. Will most likely be Network Service user.
  2. Go to Security tab and select same user to be used as Anonymous User.
  3. Alternatively, check what user is the Anonymous User, and give it full permissions of “instances” folder.

Polar Help Desk 5.0.104

Polar Help Desk 5.0.104 is released. Please download it and make upgrade.

Changes in the new version:

  • x32 and x64 sql SMO for setup
  • bug with business unit names
  • setup fixes
  • bug: account reset on each reload of incident

Polar Help Desk 5.0.103

Polar Help Desk 5.0.103 is released. Please download it and make upgrade.

Changes in the new version:

  • documents now have proper attachments and the upload attachment ability
  • fix YUI out call and setting log bug on combo-box
  • Upgraded Nhibernate, Nhibernate.Search and Lucene  (2.9.2)  library to the latest version. This will improve data access speeds and the search engine.
  • setup fixes
  • message will be displayed on login page if cookies are not enabled
  • Fixed numerous user interface bugs
  • Restored attachments on Documents. After upgrade, all your old Knowledge Base attachments will be available in new Documents.
  • SMTP library was updated.

Polar Help Desk 5.0.101

Polar Help Desk 5.0.101 is released. Please download it and make upgrade.
This is our third edition this month : )
We fixed few bugs and build new features in this release:

  • Fix major problem with IE7 and compatibility mod in IE8 described in last blog post Issues with IE8 and workaround . Our suggestion: download and use Firefox or Google Chrome . More standard compliant, faster, secure, than IE.
  • User ID in the auto-populate dropdown
  • Categories, Closures and Incident Origins are now ordered  alphabetically  not by ID.
  • Add requested  feature from customer: ” I really like the way an incident can have multiple work orders assigned to different people.  I also like how I can see a listing of these work orders when I open the incident.  But can the following be added to the listing on the incident:  Status (Open, closed, etc.), who it’s assigned to and the deadline? “
  • Feature: when contact is deselected, all accounts become available for selection
  • windows 7/2008 setup improved
  • Fix problem with MS Exchange email server

Issues with Internet Explorer 8 and workaround

We are preparing to fix this issue in the next version but until then you can use this workaround

If you are having user interface issues with Internet Explorer 8, here are the steps you can take to resolve them.

In Internet Explorer 8, go to Tools menu, and then click on Internet Options. Once the window opens:

  1. On Security settings tab, Disable InPrivate browsing and reduce Internet settings to minimum (move the slide to the bottom). You disable InPrivate browsing by unchecking “Enable protected mode”. Note you need to do this for the “Internet” and optionally “Local Internet”. Also keep in mind that not all installations of IE8 will have this option.
  2. On Privacy settings tab, allow all cookies by moving the slide to the bottom.
  3. Now Go back to Tools menu and click on Compatibility View Settings. Uncheck “Display internet sites in compatibility view”. This needs to be done to prevent IE8 from slipping into IE7 compatibility mode.

Please make sure to restart IE because changes will not always take effect until you do!

Known issues with IIS7 configurations.
1. WebDav may cause issues by interfering Polar Help Desk Url Rewriter handlers. To resolve this, just remove WebDavModule from IIS7 Modules list for the Polar Help Desk web application.

Next version suggestions

We are planning to release a new version in the next few days. Polar Help Desk 5 is constantly being improved and we are thankful to our customers for sending their feedback.

We ask you to report on bugs if you have found any so that they can be quickly fixed in the next few days. You can contact us at .

If you have any suggestions for improvements or additional features you would like Polar Help Desk 5 to have, please send us an email, we will be very glad to consider them.

Polar Help Desk 5.0.100

Yes, new version, only day after 5.0.99 version we just release Polar Help Desk 5.0.100. We fixed one major bug in email conversion module
Please download it and make upgrade.

Polar Help Desk 5.0.99

Today we released version 5.0.99.  We fixed few bugs and build new features in this release:

  • Implemented supportsim for SQL 2005. You can now choose to patch SQL 2005 SMO to the latest version and run Polar Help Desk on it.
  • Notifications will now be sent when incident is created from an Email. Previously, this was limited only to user actions.
  • Upgrade script has been fixed to resolve some issues.
  • Bug related to sending email attachments has been resolved.
  • Setup has been further enhanced to simplify the configuration process.
  • Numerous user interface bugs have been resolved.

If you have any issues with the UI, please clear your browser cache so that all CSS and JavaScript files will reload.

Pay what you want for first license

Polar Help Desk version 5.0.98

We continue to improve Polar Help Desk 5 regularly. Since last version, we have greatly improved user interface. Visit our online development demo to take a look and try it.

30-day Trial

Polar Help Desk 5 30-day trial is fully functional software and contains one named license. It can be downloaded here .

Pay what you want for first license

You can choose how much to pay when buying your first license of Polar Help Desk 5  find more info… .  Visit Pricing and Licensing for other license model and pricing.

Support Offer Info

End of support for Polar Help Desk 4

Starting with May 1, we will no longer offer support for Polar Help Desk 4. It has been on the market for six years, and Polar Help Desk 5 is the new software we are investing our time and effort in now: What’s New in Polar Help Desk 5.

Upgrade to Polar Help Desk 5

We strongly advise you to upgrade to new and fully supported Polar Help Desk 5, this software is constantly evolving and will be maintained regularly. Please visit Pricing and Licensing for more information.

Support plan for Polar Help Desk 5

You can purchase a support package that contains three incidents, for $150. Remote support is included in price. Contact us at .

Reporting bugs

We invite you to report Polar Help Desk 5 bugs if you find any, these won’t be treated as incidents, fixing bugs is free. Previous Polar Help Desk 4 is no longer maintained, so if you find any bugs, we advise you to upgrade.

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